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The image above shows Mrs Sewed and I mid-way through a three hour webinar on inspection. Refreshments were definitely called for – tasty treats and freshly brewed coffee.

For what seems like an eternity, we have had our days and weeks absorbed by the here and now, but the time has come to raise our eyes to the horizon and look at what life after lockdown looks like. In writing this I really hope I am not tempting fate and leaving my starting blocks too early – an immediate DQ for swimmers and sprinters!

With inspections due to resume in part after Easter and in full (of some shape and form) after September, we have been preparing for an essential part of running a school. I have always viewed inspection as a friend and not a foe, something that is done with us and not to us. It’s a way of continually striving to improve through self-evaluation and reflection.

Parents and pupils play an important role in school development too. With this in mind I’d be very grateful if you would take the time to fill in a short survey on a range of aspects of school life that should be winging (or should I say pinging) its way to you before half term. It will all be anonymised so please do feel free to be our critical friends.

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