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This will be the place for you to find out what's happening every day at our wonderful school. The blog will cover everything from fantastic pupil performances to new developments around the school.

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Form 8MusicSenior PrepSport
12 July 2021

A fabulous end to a difficult year

We have been able to keep many of our normal ‘rights of passage’ for our Form 8 leavers’ this year. Pupils chose their own design and colour for their hoodie…
7 July 2021

All Things Sport

For a Sports teacher the second half of term is certainly one of the most vibrant parts of the year! We were very fortunate to be able to host our…
Form 7LAMDAScience
5 July 2021

The Final Countdown!

The last week of term is finally here, and school is a hive of activity. LAMDA exams started bright and early this morning and they will run over the next…

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