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This will be the place for you to find out what's happening every day at our wonderful school. The blog will cover everything from fantastic pupil performances to new developments around the school.

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11 June 2021

Friday Round-up

The Three Peaks Challenge is back at Sunninghill! This time it is the turn of Megan, our receptionist on Thursdays and Fridays, who has bravely decided to attempt this challenge…
Form 1Form 5Form 7Form 8GardeningResidential
9 June 2021

Midweek News

It was a beautiful morning first thing so I went for a walk around the garden at school. Our Head Gardener, Liz ensures a steady display of colour throughout the…
Form 5Form 8STEM
7 June 2021

Welcome back

There were lots of lovely big smiles on children coming back into school this morning after the half-term break. A few were looking a little anxious, but they were mostly…

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