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This will be the place for you to find out what's happening every day at our wonderful school. The blog will cover everything from fantastic pupil performances to new developments around the school.

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Class RepsForm 4GardeningMusicSport
15 October 2021

Friday Round-up

Our first ‘class reps’ meeting of the year took place on Tuesday and I am grateful to them for giving up their time to support the school. It was a…
13 October 2021

Science is Everywhere!

It’s been a busy half term for the science department and as we all know, every day is science day! Science really is a part of everything we do. With…
Community mattersRural affairs
11 October 2021

Celebrating Our Harvest

It was a perfect day for our harvest festival at St Peter's Church this morning. Our thanks to the Rev. Keith Magee for welcoming us to church, and to our…

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