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This will be the place for you to find out what's happening every day at our wonderful school. The blog will cover everything from fantastic pupil performances to new developments around the school.

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Form 8FundraisingGardeningPTFASTEM
7 May 2021

Friday Round-up

As part of their STEM enrichment, Form 8 have entered the ‘Flying Start Challenge’, a competition for local schools in the South West of England. It is run and sponsored…
MusicThe Creative Arts
5 May 2021

Alive with the Sound of Music!

I can not tell you how incredible it has been to see and hear Sunninghill become alive once again with the sound of Music! Our nine wonderful peripatetic teachers have…
Form 8FundraisingScienceSport
30 April 2021

Friday Round-Up

Mme Shilliday, our Head of Science, is delighted that science experiments are back on in the lab! Form 8 investigated catalysts by adding different samples of food to hydrogen peroxide.…

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