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You may have heard that Form 5 went on a field trip last week and enjoyed a day of autumn activities as part of their well being enrichment. The most popular activities were the autumn texture tiles and hedgehogs from clay. Pupils gathered hollow stems to make the spines for their creations and used a mixture of leaves and seed heads to explore texture and pattern on clay.

In the afternoon they worked in teams to construct hedgehog homes for hibernation. This was indeed a challenge and some looked very cosy and weatherproof.

We walked to Gerrard’s Hill to observe the changing landscape as we move into autumn. The children wrote some wonderful descriptions of their experiences using their senses.

I can see busy bees flying around I see smoke swirling in the wind
I see the glistening blue sea in the distance
I can feel the cold gentle wind across my face
I smell autumn in the air
I hear crows squawking in the trees above my head
The droning of a plane high above
I feel the wet grass beneath me

Art plays a huge role in Sunninghill’s curriculum. During their art lessons, Form 7 are currently carrying out research for their work with wire for 3D insects. This week’s lesson found them sketching their chosen insects and next week they will be exploring the wire itself! The children will be working with it to see how it can be manipulated in readiness to build their insect structures. We will ensure we share the end result of these, sure to be, wonderfully creative pieces of work.

Susan Saines
Head of Art & Design

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