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This morning’s news told us that the rapid onset of global warming meant we would never see a frost in this country from 2040 onwards. That would be a real shame because I awoke this morning to my usual pre-dawn stroll with Bonnie, accompanied by frosty ground underfoot and a thick fog as cold air mixed with warm ground. It meant I walked with a little more spring in my step and enjoyed my early morning cup of tea even more.

It has also given the final week of term a more “Christmassy” feel to it though I can’t see any snow on the horizon this far south, unlike north of the border who have already had their first coverings of the year.

It is this time of year when all the skiers amongst us start to think about dusting off their kit and planning their winter break. No sign of that at the moment in the Alps despite a good covering of snow already. Mrs Thorpe is really getting grumpy about this as it’s her favourite holiday of the year.

Whilst it might have made a lovely start to my day, it wasn’t received quite so well by the Games staff who arrived back from Senior Games like brass monkeys. I’m not sure day time temperatures have got much above freezing all day.

Time for silly hats and thermal base layers!

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