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Last night was Burns Night, without doubt my favourite day in our home social calendar, normally accompanied by many good friends sat around our large table, a large sword, bagpipes and much highland peat water. Oh for those halcyon days!

Today is Australia Day, celebrating the anniversary of Britain’s First Fleet arriving in Sydney in 1788. Branded by its critics as “Invasion Day”, it attracts annual protest rallies drawing attention to the injustices faced by Indigenous people. I am sure similar parallels can be found around the world. It’s good to understand both sides of an argument.

We all know about IQ and latterly EQ (Emotional Intelligence) but recently more has been discussed about CQ (Cultural Intelligence) something that will increasingly begin to shape the topics we study in school and how we remember history. As an example, the Black Lives Matter campaign will impact on how we choose to remember the rise of the British Empire and the subject content.

More dogs keep cropping up in photo form. yesterday, the Bursar’s PJR made a brief appearance before it set off hunting again.

Form 7s have produced (with the aid of Mrs Baker and Mrs Sewed) a wonderful display on their project of Daemons to support their studies of Pullman’s Northern Lights. Mrs Sewed is really enjoying her foray into the English department, almost as much as Mr Stazicker has enjoyed teaching Senior Science. There’ll be a minor rebellion when we all have to revert back to our usual haunts.

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