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This weekend (particularly if you live north of Dorchester) you will have received an unexpected visitor in the shape of fairly thick snow. I hope (like Alex) that you managed to find some safe space to enjoy yourselves. Sadly, Dorchester’s close proximity to the sea meant we were not quite so fortunate, though we did enjoy some very cold and frosty mornings to make dog walking more enjoyable and decidedly brisker in pace. Ice on the pads of a dog seem to really gee them up. On canine capers, more photos are still arriving, this time a lovely shot of Mrs Sewed with her beloved beagle, Bubbles.

Perhaps in support of equality and diversity of opportunity we better think about offering you the chance to send us pictures of your feline friends too.

Back in school, I had a business meeting with Rob and Mandy ahead of the launch of an evolved revamp of our current website. I am hoping a draft version is ready shortly for class reps to have a look at, though if you have expertise in this area and would like to be a critical friend as part of a focus group, do get in touch with us.

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