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Whatever name you use, (and it varies depending on where live in the UK and around the world), they’re delicious.

Form 1 found this out for themselves this week. They were reading the Enormous Turnip and were lucky enough to have some supplied (freshly dug that day) by Mr Foot.

Being careful not to waste afore mentioned veg, Ms Livesey sent them to Kerry and Brenden in the kitchen who sliced them finely and fried them into crisps. They went down so well that reinforcements were called in and they are back on the menu today.

Feeling rather envious, Guru Liz dug up some parsnips from the school garden to complement the dish. What a feast.

To go the full hog, why not try mashed swede and carrots this weekend, creamed with milk and laced with fiery horseradish sauce. All that’s missing is some haggis and whisky sauce and you’ll have your very own Burn’s Night, which coincidentally takes place on 25th January.

Happy weekending!

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