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Last Monday it was International Women’s Day and in Nursery and Reception we celebrated by reading the book ‘My Mum’ by Anthony Browne. We talked about what makes our Mums, Grans and Nans special and the children have been very busy making some nice surprises for them, although not to be opened until yesterday. Shh! Mum’s the word (we could not reveal anything until today of course).

Along with the rest of the school we were celebrating National Science Week.   We did our very own science experiments including finding out how long it takes ice cubes to turn from a solid to a liquid. The children checked the ice cubes after 1 minute, 10 minutes and 30 minutes and drew pictures of how they looked at each stage. It took just over an hour for them to melt.

We also made ice globes. We put food colouring and glitter into water and then poured it into balloons. The kitchen team put the balloons into their freezer for us. Once they were frozen the children peeled the balloons off and we had beautiful ice globes. It’s fun being scientists!


It is also wonderful to all be back in our bubble and enjoying lunch together.  We chat about what we are eating, our favourite things to eat and what we do not like to eat.  Thankfully there is something to suit everyone which gives us even more energy to play in the afternoons!

Emma Sleightholme – Head of Junior Prep

Emma Sleightholme

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