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What an action-packed half term we have had in Form 1!

The children have been captivated by our latest topic – Dinosaurs! Our budding palaeontologists have been busy searching for fossils in the role play area and have made their very own ammonite collages. The children have also been researching their favourite dinosaurs and have designed their own, creating them out of items from the recycling box. The models are truly ROARSOME!

They even had a sewing lesson, perfecting the running stitch and have created beautiful ammonites. We were all fascinated to learn about the famous local palaeontologist, Mary Anning. For the topic’s ‘Fab Finish’ Mary Anning will be time-travelling next week, as we are due to have a virtual visit from this inspirational lady! She will even be available to answer the children’s questions; prepare yourself Mary!!

With the easing of lockdown we have been lucky enough to visit a local river, Herringston House and a very special bluebell wood, during Forest Schools. The children used all of their senses to explore the ancient woodland, in fact we smelled the bluebells before we could even see them! We were all amazed at their beauty and spent some quiet time sketching the delicate wildflowers, whilst listening to the cheerful birdsong. We even heard a woodpecker!

I am very proud of the children as they have worked so hard this half term and they run into school each morning, bursting with enthusiasm. To reward them for their hard work, we had a dinosaur tea party! The children planned and made everything for the party, including masks, cakes and dinosaur themed music. They baked their own dinosaur biscuits, following a recipe and measuring the ingredients, with a little help from Mrs Culshaw and I.  We have just about got rid of all traces of flour and sugar from the classroom!

Well done Form 1, what a memorable half term!

Miss Catherine Livesey – Form 1 Teacher

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