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I am so pleased to be able to bring to you the very first blog directly from Sunninghill’s kitchen.

For those of you who don’t know me my name is Kerry Davies and I have been Catering Manager here for the last 9 years.  I can honestly say that, due to the pandemic, this last year has seen the biggest changes to the lunch service during that time.

Due to adaptations made for Covid we have discovered a whole new way of delivering lunch which not only offers the children more choice but also provides greater interaction between them, myself and my team. This also helps the children to build their confidence around new and different foods.

We have a huge variety of meals on the menu which are enjoyed each week and favourites which appear as a lovely surprise for the children.

Today we have made a delicious 5 bean chili with sweet potato and butternut squash. This was served over wedges with homemade coleslaw and cheese. We also baked cinnamon shortbread for pudding with fruit and yoghurt. We always have a vegetarian option, when the main is meat and a traditional roast often makes an appearance.

Last week, as I was leaving work for the day, a group of children ran up to me to request the much loved “Crispy Duck”. It is without doubt the most popular but time intensive meal we make. The reward is seeing the excitement on the children’s faces when it appears on the menu. Having said that I often get asked for the recipe for meals we have served, this includes the sauce for the ever popular katsu curry!

I look forward to sharing lots more delicious meals with the children over the Summer Term.

Mrs Kerry Davies – Catering Manager


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