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What a fabulous atmosphere in school today! Standing at the gate this morning I was able to admire all the costumes and spotty outfits of both the children and staff.

Children in Need is one of those charities everyone is keen to support and we were overwhelmed at the generosity of our parents who sent it delicious cupcakes for the Reception class to sell at break-time. Thank you to Mrs Sleightholme for setting up the shop. We have raised an amazing total of over £500.00 and counting (from the cake sale and donations from everyone).

We used the whole school assembly this morning to learn about how this charity supports children and young people across the UK. Congratulations to Louis S who was the last man standing in our special Children in Need game at the end! Louis was the proud recipient of a chocolate advent calendar.

First thing this morning Mrs Nolan Stone organised a lovely surprise for Form 1 and 2 children. Three musicians joined us for a music concert to support their learning in class this term. We will be featuring music at Sunninghill in a special blog on Monday.

Form 8 have been especially loud around school this week in the name of science. Mme Shilliday set-up an experiment to find out who has the loudest scream. As part of their units on sound waves, Form 8 used the data loggers to measure the sound of their own voices. They wanted to break the world record of the loudest human scream which currently stands at 121 decibels. Whilst they did not quite reach 121 they had fun trying. Ear plugs would have been useful! Sound wave investigations continued in the lab where they explored how different volumes of water affected the pitch of the sound produced when hit with a metal spoon. Using a tuning app on the iPads, they ‘tuned’ the beakers by altering the volume of water to play simple tunes such as Twinkle Twinkle Star.

Walking through the garden earlier in the week, I found Liz our Head Gardener helping Form 1 complete leaf rubbings in their nature books. I used to love doing this.

Congratulations to Maumbury who won the Senior Girls Inter House hockey on Wednesday. It was a fun event organised by Mrs Wilson and I was so impressed at how well the girls all supported each. Ridgeway were a close runner-up.

Lastly, a plea to encourage you to make your online shopping benefit the school this Christmas. AmazonSmile is a simple way to support the school at no cost to you. If you are not already an AmazonSmile member, simply sign up by clicking the logo below and set your favourite charity to Sunninghill Preparatory School to start generating donations for free!

Once signed up, you can choose a charity in the Amazon app or on their website. In the app, click on the menu (☰) button. Scroll down to Settings and tap on ‘AmazonSmile’.

Follow the on-screen instructions to turn on AmazonSmile on your phone.

Thank you.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.

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