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Despite the icy weather, it was a pleasure to be able to award this terms Head Boy and Head Girl their badges. I know that Charlie and Imogen will act as excellent role models for our younger children and do a fabulous job representing the school at events.

Today saw the inaugural meeting of our newly formed student council.  Forms 3 to 8 now have two representatives from each class which were elected on to the council by pupils last term.  Every school council meeting will be on the first Monday of each month which the Head Boy and Head Girl will also attend.

Earlier this week, some of the children were making notes on discussion topics to take to the meeting. It was lovely to see them taking this role so seriously. It is a great opportunity to empower pupils and will help them develop crucial skills for their future as well as improve our Sunninghill community.

This afternoon, there is a whirlwind of activity as children head off to their enrichment activities. The offering today is a varied one with arts and crafts; skiing; bouldering; archery, golf and Design Technology all in the mix. Thank you to Mr Willemse who organises this each week for our pupils.

After bouldering, Form 8 will be excited to begin the annual ‘Flying Start’ STEM competition. Engineers from Leonardo’s in Yeovil will be working closely with pupils to help them build a glider and learn about careers in the field of aerosystems. Good job it has been a short first week back it is already time for a rest!

Have a lovely weekend.

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