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A heartwarming story for you. On Wednesday evening, while Ant was on his rounds, he noticed one of the quail in the science room had hatched in the incubator. Ant came down to tell me and we made the decision to move it to a small pen with a couple of lamps left on to keep it warm overnight! They are such gorgeous chicks to look at and we had to name the first one Ant in his honour! Form 8 wanted to call it Harry Styles but with 12 more hatched overnight, there are plenty of others they can choose! As you would expect, Mrs Evans has had a steady stream of visitors all week from Nursery children right up to parents!

In Science, Mrs Evans brought in hearts for Form 8 to dissect. They were a little distracted with the tiny quail on the loose!

Form 1 and 2 enjoyed their annual trip to the beach yesterday. In true British fashion, they ignored the windy day, and enjoyed eating their ice-creams! Speaking of which, we are all looking forward to the Mr Whippy van which will be visiting the school next Wednesday! The highlight to the trip was undoubtedly the mode of transport, children were very excited to be travelling by train!

In this morning’s assembly we posed the philosophical question What’s Makes Me, Me? There was lots of interesting debate and the children discussed why, when we transform from a baby to an adult, are we considered to be the same person.

Yesterday we hosted the ABRSM music exams with 23 children taking Grades 1- 5. It will take a little while before we know the results but all the candidates looked confident after their performance. Tonight at 7pm, we have the Senior Formal Music Concert so I am sure I will get to enjoy some of the pieces.

We have had a fabulous run of sports days and swim galas this week. As I write this, I can hear the junior’s in the pool cheering on their houses! There will be a special Blog from Mr Willemse on Monday to feature all the events with lots of photos. Thank you to all the sports department for their fabulous organisation, to the parents coming to support the events and also to Kerry for the wonderful refreshments and cream tea!

Next week is our final week in school. We still have a few surprises for the children!

Have a lovely weekend.