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With scant light at the end of the covid tunnel we’ve taken an important decision to move Form 8’s to a new location that may well be their home for the year. The photos below will hopefully show a “before” series of pictures. The “afters” will be with you on Tuesday.

From Tuesday onwards they will live in the old Fledglings Room that was the original stables of the school. They won’t need to enter the main building anywhere near as much which will further tighten our already stringent guidelines.

They’ll have a much bigger base that will include their very own kitchen and common room that we’ll open each Friday. Looking after their wellbeing and happiness in these unusual times is really important especially as they have few of the “luxury” events that would normally expect to enjoy.

This in turn will hopefully inspire them to be the very best versions of themselves. They’ve been very much part of the decision making process and are more than a tad excited!

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