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Welcome back to the second half of this autumn term. I hope you have all managed to safely get out and about despite the wet weather. Today’s headline is both literal and metaphorical.

Gale force winds have covered the school grounds in a ubiquitous layer of leaves. The winter sun is lowering her angle and shadows are lengthening. Trees are rapidly shedding their leaves which are providing countless hours of fun for our younger children, less so for our ground staff who are on full time leaf collecting. An hour’s work sees the grounds clear and yet the next wisp of air renders their sterling work null and void.

I am sure Thursday’s lockdown has come as no surprise to any of us. Mercifully, good sense has prevailed and schools are to remain open, for the time being at least.

My heart goes out to all the small businesses, particularly in the hospitality sector, who have worked so hard to get their concerns up and running, only to find themselves facing temporary closure again. As always, if this has put you in a tricky position we are “in it together” and I’d be delighted to provide whatever support I possibly can.

With the NHS very worried about the second wave of coronavirus being worse than the first and ICU’s unsure of their ability to cope, we now all have a very big responsibility to make sure that COVID guidelines are closely followed to ensure we do not exacerbate the rising rate of infection.