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Children are excited that our extra-curricular clubs and activities programme started today. Mr Willemse coordinates these events and the take-up is always excellent. In our sailing club, 25% of children in Forms 3 to 8 will be going to Sailing Club on Thursdays after school. Fingers crossed that the late September warm sunshine continues!

It was good weather for Form 6 last Friday afternoon when Mr Stazicker took them windsurfing. This is a tricky sport to master and the conditions were thankfully calm.

On Wednesday, it is the Autumn Equinox and I chose this as the topic for this morning’s whole school assembly. We covered a wide range of topics from the best place to go blackberry picking to why the Harvest Moon looks so large at the moment. Assemblies provide an excellent vehicle to talk about what is going on in the world (good and bad), celebrate the seasons and traditions, and share successes. They also allow us to emphasise values and attributes that are important to us such as kindness, persistence, tolerance, empathy and good manners.

A picture tells a thousand words and this morning James, a Form 8 ICT prefect was in charge of putting my videos/PowerPoint/music on in the right order. It is a stressful job!

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