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Form 2 are studying island life through the Katie Morag stories. Unfortunately, Struay is too far away to visit, but we have our very own island right on the doorstep, so on Tuesday we set off on a beautiful sunny day to the Isle of Portland.

Our plan was to gather information from the highlights of Portland in order to make our very own non-fiction books!

We started off at the causeway and looked at access to the island.

Our next stop was The Sailing Centre where we learnt lots about activities available and the history of the centre. We stopped to watch groups rafting, canoeing and sailing! We can’t wait to go there in Form 3. Did you know the queen has visited there too!

Whilst we were there we had a delicious snack of Porridgies which are Grannie Islands favourite baking day snack.

They were yummy and we decided to make them next week. 

Our next stop was the Olympic rings. The view was amazing! The rings were carved for the 2012 Olympics and made out of Portland stone, which we saw EVERYWHERE!!

We were starting to get very hungry, especially Ivy, so we drove over to the other side of the island for a lovely Sunninghill packed lunch at Portland Bill.

After a quick play we walked around the lighthouse and had a delicious Mr Whippy ice cream. They sold doggy ice cream too so Ivy wasn’t left out!

Then it was back on the bus for our final stop at Tout Quarry.

We loved the amazing sculptures and had fun spotting them all.

We arrived back at school just in time to go home. We were all hot and tired but decided it felt like we had been on holiday.

We will now write up all the information and look forward to showing everyone our fab finished books.

What a lovely trip!