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Mrs Saines and her partner Chris said a very sad farewell to their beautiful short haired pointer cross Weimaraner this week. Reg has welcomed many Sunninghill children to Stokewater Meadows. He was very fond of our school visits mainly because he saw the children as “packed lunches on legs” due to their willingness to share their snacks with him. He led a very happy life for fourteen years and leaves a huge void that I know all too well will be very difficult to fill for many months to come.

Eager not to bring us all down for the week ahead do try to listen to Lesley Nolan-Stone’s virtual music project for the year. The school have produced a brilliant rendition of Queen’s, “Don’t Stop Me Now” including a brilliant solo by Carolina and some amazing support from our peris Steve, Fredi, Kate and Tim. To enjoy fully the volume must be turned up to maximum and you must dust down your air guitar from the memory attic! I believe the link will be emailed to you all shortly.

Finally, a reminder that we have a virtual class reps meeting tomorrow morning. Do let your class rep know of any topics that you’d like further information on.