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Perhaps a hard hitting headline but a key message that came out from my half termly virtual meeting with Class Reps this morning. We agreed that registration plates of those who find it impossible to enter and exit the grounds at 5mph would be reported (with anonymity) to the Bursar and dealt with accordingly. Please don’t put Eileen in that awkward position and worse still please don’t let us have to ring an ambulance for an injured child because you have been in a rush to get to work.

Back to happier discussions, I told the meeting that we would be producing a filmed Nativity and Christmas service this term and that we were hoping to reinstate a small number of “bio-secure” sporting fixtures after Christmas and also organise some simple clubs and activities after school (within existing bubbles).

What was most encouraging was discussing how as a community we might be able to think about the needs of others. We already have support for the Portland Foodbank on our radar but another great idea was to hold a virtual Xmas Fayre to support the many stall holders who have become good friends over the years they have been coming here. What a great idea that we’re on to straight away.

As always, my great thanks to the reps for so eloquently and professionally supporting school improvements. Full minutes from the meeting will be produced and your rep will be back in touch with you regarding the outcome of your queries.

There was an overwhelming majority of voices who thought we were coping admirably with the constraints placed on us. The Remembrance Service was a bit hit and Form 8s are happy with their new Common Room.



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