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Form 8 are off on residential this week. They had a very early start, congregating at 3.30 am on Sunday morning to ensure they had plenty of time to get to Bristol airport. The flight was from Bristol to Alicante, then a transfer to a small village in the mountains transfer called Finestrat to stay at The Orange House Adventure Centre in a private villa!

The trip has been organised in partnership with ‘Rock and Rapid Adventures’; a company who have worked with us for many years.  Today they have been climbing and the weather is blissfully hot; at least they will appreciate having a private pool at the villa!

Nursery and Reception children had surprise visitors today. Elizabeth’s parents came into school to talk about their South African culture. The presentation included foods, the incredible wildlife in South Africa, the national anthem, languages spoken and lots more. The children all had an opportunity to tuck into a selection of traditional South African food which Francel, Natasha and Elizabeth had made over the weekend. Our thanks to Elizabeth, who is a pupil in the Reception class, for organising such an interesting start to the week, and to Francel and Natasha for giving up their time this morning – Dankie!