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There can be few better joys in life than being nearly nine and in Form 4. You have finally begun to get the hang of this learning lark and you’ve got a much better idea of what is expected of you. You’re old enough to have a bit of common sense and young enough not to constantly worry about what others think of you. The pressures of social media haven’t become an invasive part of your life and your friendship group is far and wide.

The icing on the cake is that Mrs Moss is your mentor and Ms Blair is there to lend a helping hand. When I popped in today to snap a few photos they were studying Louis Armstrong’s, “What a wonderful world”. It certainly is despite the trials and tribulations of COVID 19.

As well as being F4 tutor, Mrs Moss has Head of Creative Arts and Director of Studies on her blossoming cv.

Ms Blair is new to F4 having just moved up (some may say “promoted” but not me) from the Foundation Stage at the beginning of the year. She is very happy to be with F4 and tells me they are much better at getting on with their work and much more sensible than Reception children. Please don’t tell them this!

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