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Form 3 have been extremely busy these past two weeks. We have thoroughly enjoyed starting our new History topic researching all about our local area, its history, and what it currently offers us.

Our trip to Maumbury Rings to discuss how the Romans used to watch gladiators fight caught their attention. We decided a game of rounders’ would be safer and the children enjoyed experiencing what spectating would have been like years ago.

Another subject that has sparked their interest has been during our Science lessons all about, ‘Plants’ and ‘What do plants need to grow?’ The class have set up an experiment to investigate if plants need leaves to help them grow.

We also have another experiment set up in the classroom with an onion! It has been carefully placed and slightly submerged in a cup of water. The children are observing the onion to develop their understanding about how roots grow. The scientific diagrams and labelling the children have completed have been impressive.

In Art, we have been so creative, the children have sketched out a pot of flowers and are now working on adding a range of watercolor paints to their work.

Everyone has been so excited to start swimming this week. The temperature was perfect and it was smiles all round during the lesson.

We have had a great start to the Summer Term and are looking forward to so many more activities in the coming weeks.

Mrs Natasha Johnstone
Form 3 Teacher

Natasha Johnstone

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