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At this time of the year the Bursar and her small but dedicated team have their hands full.

Leaves occupy much of their thoughts, be it removing them from the lawns so the grass doesn’t get damaged or unblocking downpipes. It’s a never ending cycle for two months. Frustratingly, the trees all lose their leaves at different temperature points meaning no sooner have we cleared up one tree than another begins its shedding process.

Other blockages are rife at the moment though you may be in the middle of enjoying an early evening snack whilst reading this so I’ll spare you further details.

Sharon and her cleaning team are also flat out at the moment. The onset of winter weather heralds a constant procession of muddy shoes through school. They are also still working double time on their “forth bridge” program of sanitising working surfaces, door handles and what have you.

One nice piece of maintenance work to share with you. Over half term the left hand side of the old stable block received a much needed paint refurbishment. We have also recently added two very expensive IWBs to the Art Room and Form 8 classroom.

It’s a quieter time for Liz in the gardens. Winter maintenance jobs are the order of the day, mulching, weeding, cutting back, planting bulbs. It does give her a bit more time to pursue her favourite pastime, which is inspiring children to be green fingered and love the outdoors. Today she has been building hedgehog houses with Mrs Culshaw and Form 1.

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