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Junior Prep children, as always, seem to have the energy levels of a small nuclear power station. Whilst the rest of us are perhaps flagging somewhat at the end of a long term, they’re still flat out and running on a full tank.

A quick tour around school this morning found a group Greek Dancing, Form 3s sitting their SATs catch up paper that they missed in f2, Form 4s enjoying a dip in the pool and our youngest ones developing their fine motor skills in Games.

Mr V was still “touring” with his fabulous musicians and their glockenspiels.

Mrs Culshaw was busy “fine tuning” the work of F1 artists, adding a few decorative borders to make them into masterpieces ready to go home.

Lunch was spaghetti meatballs and garlic bread with rice pudding and chocolate buttons for pud – great refuelling grub!

By the time I caught up with F2s they were out at play. Unsurprisingly the boys were playing their usual game which is part gladiators part rugby part dodge ball. I think they call it football!

And last but by no means least, I finally caught up with Duchess the Deerhound this morning. What an absolute beauty she is, all legs and nose and tail with a beautiful brindled coat that I’m told will turn silver with age. I can’t wait to watch her grow up alongside our other community dogs.

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