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I cannot believe we are only one week into the Summer Term, it has be such a busy week.

Forms 7 and 8 have been coding with ‘Micro:bit’ computers this week using Python or JavaScript. Will S. decided to multi-task during my lesson and used our under desk pedal cycles whilst coding. Harri managed over 5km during a single lesson!

Trips have now restarted and Form 2 were quick off the mark with a local river walk in Dorchester to investigate the wildlife. Form 3 visited Maumbury Rings in connection with their Roman Topic.

During enrichment this afternoon, Form 1 and Form 2 have been working together to make new bunting for the school shepherd’s hut. You can see their hand drawn designs below and I will share a photo of the completed bunting in all its glory when it is installed. Children had fun riffling through the new boxes of play equipment at break!

Clubs start next week and thank you to Mrs Farran from Samurai Fitness Group who came in to school to give taster sessions for her kickboxing club. The event proved extremely popular with children and congratulations to Oliver who she chose as ‘best pupil of the week’! Mrs Farran gave our Form 6 free weekly ‘virtual’ kickboxing lessons all through lockdown.

Finally, it is the second session of lifesaving training for our staff tonight in our outdoor pool. Conditions are perfect with the pool at 21 degrees and the sun shining. Mr Stazicker is taking no chances however and was seen boiling the kettle to heat up ‘his bit’ of the pool!

I will be christening my BBQ the first time this year! Have a lovely sunny weekend.

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