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Form 3 and 4 were very excited to visit Monkey World recently and the photos are fabulous, especially the one with the feet on the glass!

On Monday after school, Form 8 entered the ‘Lions’ Lair’ to go in front of 3 ‘Lions’ to compete for the best business start-up. Congratulations to Connie, Holly, Katie and Alexandra who won with their handmade fudge company called ‘Fudge’. As ever, we are very grateful to our judges, Mr Jefferis, Mrs Ferneyhough and Mr Gordon.

Yesterday, we had our first whole school photo in two years. I thought it would be nice to have Miss Livesey’s dog Betsy in the photo as she is often in the Form 1 classroom. Unfortunately Betsy soon became bored and decided to cause a few antics but the poor photographer carried on regardless! We also had photos taken of each class and this will be the last one for our Form 8.

Our Form 7’s also felt a bit of heat this week as they were asked to give a speech to the school to explain which prefect role they should have next year. Staff will meet later to make a final decision.

We have really enjoyed our Sports Days this week which have been able to go ahead following Covid-19 safety guidance. By breaking them down into smaller events, we were able to welcome parents back on site. A special mention must go to Will H in Form 5 who broke a school record that has stood for 20 years. His throw was very nearly 40m which was the length of the measuring tape!

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