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We were delighted this morning to receive the first 4 results from the recent ABRSM theory music exams. We had 6 pupils take the exams this term from Grade 1 – Grade 5. The first 4 results were all for the highest possible grade which is a Distinction. This is an incredible achievement and our congratulations go to Georgiana in Form 5, and Kitty, Katy and Iris in Form 6. Iris achieved a perfect score of 75/75! This is the first term we have held Music Theory exams in school, and they are taught by Mr Vanburgh as part of the clubs and activities programme on offer at Sunninghill. Thank you to Mr Vanburgh who teaches music theory, and our Director of Music, Mrs Nolan-Stone.

Yesterday, Form 7 enjoyed a great day out at the Winchester Science Centre organised by our Head of Science, Mrs Evans. They started the trip with a 45-minute session in the Planetarium where they enjoyed the comfy chairs and a look at asterisms, constellations, our Solar System and where it fits into the Milky Way galaxy and the Universe. Afterwards, they spent some time exploring the first floor of exhibits which focused mainly on sound but covered lots of different topics too.

The children enjoyed many hands-on activities including seeing vibrations, hearing echoes and using our mouths to hear sounds (biting down through a straw onto some metal allowed the vibrations to pass through bones and to their ears when it was too quiet to travel through the air). There was also an area where the children could look at the forces involved in building (which they loved, especially wearing their hard hats!) and how pulleys can help to reduce the force needed to life weights. Downstairs the activities mostly focused on Space but they also had a chance to look at the optical illusions, infra-red cameras and controlling space rovers.

Our final stop of the day was a rockets workshop. Children were given bottles containing methylated spirit and they had to design the outside of the rocket to be the most aerodynamic and to see whose would travel the furthest. No one got too far but well done to Flora and Maggie, whose rocket (Mr Blobby) won the competition!

Here are a few quotes from children after the day:

‘The planetarium was amazing it was so exciting’ Carolina

‘It was all really interesting especially changing the pitch of our voices – it made us laugh a lot!’ Lucy and Charlie

“The best bit was exploring the museum. I especially liked looking at air pressure and firing a tennis ball up in the air by dropping a bowling ball’ Felix

I have just come back from the school hall after watching one of the dance taster lessons for Junior Prep. I must thank Miss June Hornby of the Weymouth Dance Studio for offering these sessions to our children. Miss Hornby is the Principle of this successful and well-regarded dance school which offers lessons in ballet, tap and modern dance. We are delighted she has chosen to offer dance lessons to our children here at Sunninghill.

Yesterday we held our Junior Inter-house hockey match for Forms 3 & 4.

Mrs Wilson tells me it was an excellent mixed competition. There were certainly some very close matches with determined and enthusiastic play. Well done to all of Forms 3 and 4. It was a lovely sporting end to their term. Here are the final results and congratulation to Purbeck!


  • 1st  Purbeck
  • 2nd  Ridgeway
  • 3rd  Maumbury
  • 4th  Frome

We are looking forward to a busy day tomorrow with the Endeavour Award assembly and our PTFA Easter Egg Hunt!

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