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Another look behind the scenes today.

I arrived at school to find the astro covered in what looked like snow. No such luck I’m afraid though the large hail stones were no less impressive.

Despite being only the 15th December, Christmas decorations were being taken down this morning. We’re always trying to get ahead with our planning though this does feel a tad premature. Pictured is half of Julie (Uli?) who hates having her picture taken.

Mandy is here working on admissions and supporting the recruitment of potential new families. She was aided and abated by the most lovely Maple who is the best distraction you could wish for when you’re looking to avoid mountains of paperwork. Moi?

There were also tree surgeons on site working on the large sycamores to the west of our grounds. Another great waste of time as I watched them perform their high rope skills in very cold and wet weather. Hardy they certainly must be!

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