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Today is all about those children at the very top of the pecking order in Form 8.

If I carried on with yesterday’s western theme, today’s NFASS should be about Quentin Tarantino’s rather gruesome modern day take on a western. If you’ve seen the 2015 blockbuster, the 8’s certainly aren’t so I won’t!

Instead I’ll turn to the bible for inspiration as it offers us all perfect guidance (in this instance at least). If you have a thirst for a bit more knowledge, biblically the number 8 is about new hope, new beginnings and a bright future. It is connected with the 8th day when Jesus was resurrected. To be more multi-cultural (as is always our school’s want) in China, 8 is considered to be the luckiest number bringing the prospect of great fortune ahead. Our Greek families might disagree as my sauces (HP and Heinz) tell me that the number 8 is considered bad luck in Greece.

Mathematically, a horizonal 8 refers to infinity or limitless. That would be rather good if it referred to energy or intellect or kindness.

The 8’s always begin the year with their eyes firmly placed on the horizon and so it should be. They’re thinking about the big, wide world beyond SPS and the challenges that might present themselves and the opportunities that may arise.

Mrs Smith is their guiding light as tutor and Eddie and Katie hold the school reins as Head Girl and Boy.

They’re very grown up and yet sometimes immature; usually happy and then for no reason grumpy; chatty though occasionally withdrawn; energetic then lazy; helpful then right in the way and often all at one time. (delete as appropriate).

It’s the sometimes tricky life of a teenager, made ever more testing by the influence (interference?) of social media and the increasing demands of a rapidly changing modern world.

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