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If you’ve mistakenly logged on in the pretence of enjoying dialogue on the famous western of the 1960’s starring Yul Brunner you may be disappointed, but do read on, as all is not lost.

Form 7’s have just begun their transition from Key Stage 2 (in old money) to their journey towards the end of Form 8. A feature of their life in school is preparing to pass one of many tests that will enable each pupil to get into their first choice school.

For some, preparations began as early as Form 6, for others ISEB pre-tests will take place in school this term. Those hoping to go to THS will be working hard to get into top sets. Alongside those sitting scholarship exams, they’ll be eagerly tucking into a range of enrichment activities ranging from sport to music to academic.

Mrs Fernley is the experienced tutor in charge of their development. It’s a sometimes tricky job at this age and stage, particularly as adolescence issues are beginning to brew. Mrs Fernley is also Head of English and Highly Able and Talented. Not many of you know this but she is also a very talented French teacher to boot!

If you were expecting Yul and you’ve read thus far I’ve rewarded you with two dashing photographs from the Magnificent 7 and the King and I.

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