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Over the next week or so I’ll endeavour to zoom in on each form in school, starting with Form 1 today. Mrs Davies continues to hold the reins and is ably supported by the irrepressible Mrs Culshaw. I will know more about Ms Livesey’s anticipated return to school at the end of this week.

What Form 1 lack in number is more than made up for in their energy and personality.

The transition from Reception to Form 1 sees an increasing formality to learning, with children expected to become more independent learners capable of concentrating for longer periods of time on their own.

Supporting literacy and hearing every child read every day is of paramount importance.

Having said all of this, a very active and kinaesthetic style of learning is still required with lots of trips around the school and many opportunities to learn through discovery. Gardening is a firm favourite with the class, an activity which Bonnie loves taking part in, though we are going to have to have serious words about the large holes in my pristine lawn at home!

I digress (as usual) but Form 6 are reading “Holes” by Louis Sachar at the moment. What a brilliant book that also appeals to an adult audience.