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Just to reassure you all, I’m provided with a daily update on pupils absent from school and in particular those who may be COVID symptomatic. Earlier today Lydia sent home a School Ping from the NHS on Track and Trace. It outlines the actions you should take following a range of scenarios that may have occurred. Please do read the information very carefully as we found it very helpful ourselves.

Can I offer my sincere thanks to all those who are carefully following guidelines both at school and at home and in particular making the sometimes difficult sacrifice of keeping your children at home when they are not well. The outcome is that you are all reducing the chance of COVID impacting on the education of all our children and of course the wellbeing of all the adults who work here.

I’ve added a couple of extra photos to show “staff training” and to show the improvements to the medical room that took place over the summer holidays, with a new new sink and taps fitted and a bed for those who are feeling particularly unwell.

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