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It has been a fabulous start of term and I must thank all the staff who have worked incredibly hard to ensure our children settle back into school and have fun learning!

Speaking of having fun, this morning in assembly Mr Vanburgh taught the whole school a Greek dance called the Hasapiko. It was a great way to start our day. When I had my breath back, I was also able to formally present the prefect badges to our Form 8. All children in Form 8 take on a responsibility and we feel this is an important opportunity to help develop leadership skills.

Congratulations to Mrs Baker who has successfully completed her HLTA (Higher Level Teaching Assistant Qualification). The course was challenging and Mrs Baker had to produce a large portfolio of evidence. She can be seen pictured here with my pet beagle attempting to steal her limelight!

Thank you to Lydia who has updated the trophy cabinet in the Reception area.

Children who won a cup at the Prize Giving in the Summer Term can now all feel proud as they see their names next to their trophy.

I have received some kickboxing news! The children all took their grading on Sunday. Their etiquette and determination was outstanding. Alex B is now a green belt. Charlie F, Lucy C, Felix S and Albie B are all now brown belts which is a senior grade. They should all be very proud of themselves.

This afternoon we are on Friday enrichment.  All the children are taking part in a diverse range of activities ranging from river walks to climbing.

Next week we are looking forward to the return of sailing. Our full programme of clubs and activities will begin in earnest the week after.

Wishing you all a relaxing weekend.

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