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Form 6 have been out on the field this week using metal quadrats to sample different plant species. You may well remember using them from school. I recall pouring soaping water onto the grass to attract unsuspecting worms to the surface to count! Our Head of Science, Mrs Evans, tells me they are working out the average percentage frequency of each species found. Next week, they will be looking at one species and seeing how its population changes over a transect.

I have really enjoyed watching our Reception Class this week practising their running on the new track for sports day; not easy in this heat!

The Form 5’s were treated to a visit by a representative from the American Museum in Bath, as part of their history studies. In the morning, the children found out about the North American continent and living in different environments and had the chance to ask questions and debate different aspects of this. They then went on to find out about the symbolism of headdresses and the significance of feathers contained within these. The afternoon was a time to look at and handle a variety of artefacts from Native American peoples and European settlers.

In assembly this morning Maumbury were announced house point winners this week. Violet S in Form 4 achieved the most points so she had the honour of helping Lucy C in Form 7 raise the house flag this morning.

Yesterday afternoon I enjoyed taking the sailing club down to Portland but I was sorry to miss our Junior Prep Informal Concert.

Pupils from Form 1-4 took part and for many this was their first performance. A wide range of instruments were played including drums, piano, violin, cello, singers and guitar even a bass clarinet! We are very proud of the first performance from our clarinet ensemble, led by Mrs Robson, which who started this term. Other performances included our guitar group and junior string ensemble. Staff attending tell me it was an enormous success, and that the standard of the performances was excellent. Well done to everyone who took part, and thank you to our Director of Music, Mrs Nolan-Stone, for organising this and also to our excellent peripatetic music teachers.

Next week, it is the turn of Form 7 to go on their Residential Outdoor Ed trip and I am looking forward to hearing about Form 8’s adventures in Spain!

Wishing you a lovely weekend.