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Children’s brains develop rapidly from birth through to age three, affecting all areas of a child’s growth from physical, language and communication, social and emotional, and cognitive.

Pastoral support in school really focuses on the social and emotional and our approach is multi-pronged. We have a curriculum to deliver in the form of PSHE which uses the Jigsaw scheme of work. We then have tutors who address issues as and when they pop up and strategies to deploy such as circle time.

We are also very aware of integrating what is happening in the wider world and make sure that key issues that affect society are also covered if the age and stage is right. A good example would be the discussions taking place on the “Black Lives Matter” movement and our non-uniform day next Friday 16th October supporting “Show Racism the Red Card”.

On this non-uniform day we’d like every child to wear an item of red to show solidarity and to send in a small donation that will be used to make make the world a happier, safer and more inclusive place to live.

Mr Stazicker, who oversees pastoral care notes:

“Pastoral care is at the heart of what we do at Sunninghill, with a team that would grace a school twice the size. We think communication is the key to success as is providing opportunities which develop resilience, resourcefulness, values and morals which will sustain the children in the future.”

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