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In my journey blogging “Through the Ages and Stages”, I’ve (arguably) saved the best to the last.

Today we are looking at our newest recruits in the Foundation Stage.

Nursery and Reception are our fertile “seed beds” where “germination” begins, if you will excuse the gardening terminology? It’s apt because it’s one of their favourite pastimes.

Tiny seedlings begin to blossom in the hope that, “mighty oaks from little acorns grow.”

The EYFS is a school within a school nestled peacefully in its own setting. Education here is the envy of the rest of the school as it is the only where the children set the curriculum and teachers follow.

Of course it’s not quite so simplistic but in general terms, best practice says follow the passions of the children and they will become independent thinkers and inspired learners, ready for the rigours that lie ahead.

Lots of fresh air and active learning is vital especially so given the average concentration span of a four year old is, shall we say, brief?

Three of the most kind-hearted, talented and enthusiastic teachers share their learning. Mrs Sleightholme (Head of Junior Prep) Mrs Pitman (Learning Assistant) and Mrs Beasley (Nursery Manager) have the patience of saints. We mere mortals can only marvel at their tenacity and staying power to last the day through and still keep smiling. It’s the toughest and most demanding of roles as we all know when we have to take over ourselves for the weekend!

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