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Welcome back from the Science department.

It’s been lovely to be back at school and to resume our scientific explorations in the classroom.

The end of lockdown coincided with the start of British Science Week and more than 30 pupils from Forms 1 to 8 took part in the virtual Science competition. I was amazed by both the variety of entries we received and also by the standard of the experiments the pupils conducted. My personal highlight was witnessing the smiles on all the pupils’ faces when their experiments reached their predicted conclusion.

Delivering the certificates and prizes around school gave me an opportunity to catch up with the younger pupils who were keen to tell me all about their current science topics.

Whilst Form 1 are growing and investigating Sunflowers, Form 2 are looking at why good hand hygiene is crucially important.  Form 3 have had great fun investigating light and making shadows.

As part of their chemical reactions topic, our Form 8’s planned and carried out an investigation into indicators. Can red cabbage juice and/or blackberry juice be used as acid, alkali, neutral indicators? We have managed to capture a rare insight into the, often camera shy, Form 8’s!

With the weather getting better, we are hoping to increasingly take Science investigations outside. Lockdown has certainly taught us that you don’t necessarily need to go far to observe the wonders of nature and the Sunninghill grounds are a perfect starting point.

Mme Nathalie Shilliday
Head of Science

Nathalie Shilliday

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