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Both Mr Stazicker and I both enjoy reading historical fiction, a favourite being the ‘Last Kingdom’ series by Bernard Corwall. It is the tale of how the Saxon King, Alfred the Great, and his descendents fought off the Vikings to form England in the 9th and 10th centuries.

You can imagine my delight when on an impromptu visit to Mrs King’s classroom I spotted messages written in Viking runes painted on rocks by the Form 4 children. Mrs King also showed me their wonderful wall displays and explained as part of their Australia project, they have presented animal fact file posters and created colorful aboriginal art paintings using cotton buds and acrylic paints. You can see a few here, and the technique is very effective.

Mrs Moss’ home school class have also been studying the Vikings and they enjoyed a live online workshop with Viking ‘Bjorn the Beardless’ and an augmented reality tour of the Yorvik Viking Centre. I am really looking forward to children being able to go on school trips again.

In English, Form 4 are reading ‘the boy at the back of the class’ by Onjali Q Rauf and the children joined in a live online parliamentary workshop from Westminster. After a class debate, they wrote to local MP Chris Loder about refugees seeking asylum status in the UK. It is good to see children getting involved with politics at such a young age.

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