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Form 3 have been busy with their live drawing workshop for World Book Day. The drawings are based on the book “When Jelly had a Wobble” and the children were excited to be able to hear the author reading the story. The illustrator shared a drawing tutorial of the jelly and the children then had great fun drawing some of the other characters! I have included a few of the drawings for you to see.

Children enjoy science lessons at Sunninghill, particularly the experiments! This year, to celebrate British Science Week (which starts today) the Science department has invited our pupils to take part in a virtual science experiment competition. Children can film themselves conducting a short experiment of their choice and post their video on our ‘Seesaw’ virtual learning platform. Prizes will be available for the best entries! Thank-you to Mme Shilliday for organising this.

It looks like we will continue to enjoy this bright, crisp, sunny weather into the weekend. Still a chance of frost though, so I will not be uncovering tender plants in my garden just yet!

We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back in to school on Monday. I would like to thank all the home-school teachers for their energy and dedication, and also the home-school pupils who have kept a sense of humour and become true independent learners.