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Today is the Diana Award Anti-Bullying assembly day.

It is anticipated that more than a million children nationwide will see the virtual assembly and that up to 10,000 children will volunteer to be anti-bullying ambassadors.

Whilst we are justifiably proud of our record in helping to educate children on how to live happily together, we are never complacent.

More so than ever, smart phones, social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram and all other aspects of the internet, provide far more threats and opportunities for those who would seek to make the lives of others less tolerable.

Mrs King is championing this cause in school as part of her new role as in charge of pupil well-being and teacher of PSHCE across Senior Prep.

One of Karen’s key objectives this year is to integrate the new mandatory Relationship and Sex Education curriculum into our Senior Prep schemes of work. There’s some parental consultations to take place prior to this so you fully understand what we are being asked to deliver by the Department for Education.

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