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Today is Jeans for Genes Day. Launched in 1992, Jeans for Genes Day is the annual fundraising event organised by the charity Genetic Disorders UK to support children with genetic disorders. Since its inception, Jeans for Genes has raised more than £40 million to help children with genetic disorders.

Whilst much of education is about consolidating the key building blocks for learning, education for social responsibility (ESR) is an increasingly important aspect of our interaction with young adults. I’ve talked about this many times before, but EQ is going to be as important as IQ in the future workplace and measuring soft skills will be as important as measuring academic attainment.

Today is also a great chance to let down our hair (metaphorically for some) and enjoy the freedom of home clothes and bringing a bit of fashion and style into school. I think the children also enjoyed themselves!

Looking back at some of the great fundraising we have done, I am reminded of the year of fundraising to pay for the training of a guide dog for the blind. A significant proportion of the funds were raised by the staff who did the national Three Peaks in 24 hrs – it was an amazing achievement and one which is frequently reminisced about.

I imagine that Sonny is now fully trained and with his “forever” owner.

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