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Marketing of the school remains critically important to us for a whole host of reasons. NFASS is designed to keep you informed of what happens in school on a daily basis and in particular give you lots of photos to enjoy.

Mandy (our Registrar) also posts information on Facebook and Instagram to generate interest, develop engagement and drive people to our website, or to make a 1:1 appointment to come and visit us.

Our website remains the principal way in which parents locally and from outside of the county and country can find out more about us. In the last month our top 5 international visitors to the website have been based in the USA, France, Australia, India and UAE.  It may surprise you to learn that we receive an equal amount of visitors from Dorset and London areas.  As we speak, the next generation of the website is in development – I’ve attached a sneak preview of what it will look like.

All the above provide lots of diagnostics that we find very useful. I know my NFASS has 60 regular readers now and that the average reader logs on 1.7 times a day for a session which lasts on average 2.17 minutes. Our website had around 900 visitors last month, over 700 of which were new to Sunninghill.    It is formative information to help shape the way ahead.

While we have had a digital eye on people who are not local, we have been successful in getting our stories into the local press including our Lockdown Life book, Sustainable Dining, LAMDA successes and the Tenner Challenge.

We’re having to be more creative in the ways in which we deliver Open Mornings and taster days, meeting on a 1:1 basis and online virtual meetings.  Relationship management has never been so important.

Our school video is also proving particularly useful and popular with prospective parents.

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