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As the Form 8 tutor, it has been a real privilege to witness all the Form 8 pupils coming back together and reconnecting with each other. Since their return to some form of normality, they have been working towards completion of a range of worthwhile projects, which have included, developing their own children’s stories, which are to be shared with children lower down the school. Creating a mock-up, has been an important step in planning their final version. We have spent time considering techniques which will enhance their writing in order to deliver a story which hopefully will delight younger readers.

In maths lessons, with Mrs. Freddie Salisbury, the children have been using resources produced for schools by the Office of National Statistics to raise awareness of the Census. They have worked in pairs on the story of Statistopia, a small, fictitious island which has just undergone a census. There were 5 mini challenges to work through, using a range of graphs to make decisions about 5 key areas identified by the census: the number of new primary schools which needed to be built; how to solve the car problem (more buses or a metro train?); which type of housing to build, renewable energy and how to best help those who need it. In history we continued this theme by looking at a short information broadcast on the 1951 Census. This was inciteful as it led to discussions about the way society has changed and differences we see today in how the public is informed.

There have been further opportunities for the children to get their creative juices flowing. Mr. Ed Angeli, who is working as a trainee teacher, has been ably leading our creative curriculum sessions of late. He has been inspiring the pupils with a presentation focusing on his previous career as a producer, explaining his role and the projects he has worked on. The information and film he presented gave the children an understanding of this occupation. The pupils have taken inspiration from this and have since been working in small teams to develop and edit their own film related to their time at school.

Mr. Angeli has also been leading our history lessons this term. One challenge he has set the pupils has been to research and develop a presentation on an inspirational woman: either from today or the past. It has been incredible to see the variety of examples of brilliant women the pupils have come up with. It will be a real celebration of International Women’s Month, when they eventually get the chance to share their hard work.

Gardening time on a Friday afternoon has been a lovely way to end the week. The children have been developing their own expertise and skills in this area, but at the same time, been making a difference to the school grounds. We hope you enjoy the results!

Mrs Sarah Smith

Form 8 Tutor
Head of Humanities
Designated Safeguarding Lead and E-safety Champion

Sarah Smith

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