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I received some lovely pictures from the Dorset Foodbank this morning via our very own DF champion, Mrs Woollam. It is also a good reminder that local charities are finding it ever harder at the moment with many of their usual fund raising channels having evaporated. The pictures arrived accompanied by overwhelming thanks that, despite having many of their own worries, families still care about others in the community.

At the other end of the spectrum (quite literally if you will excuse my toilet humour) our day in school started with blocked drains from the main toilets.

“Who do you call?”

“Drain Doctor!”

Not a nice task to follow your breakfast I imagine, but nevertheless a job that will never go out of fashion or demand, especially in schools where all manner of items mysteriously get flushed down the loos.. This time there was several kg of gravel which seem to have been fastidiously dropped (one by one) down a very small hole in the man hole cover. It must have taken months! I have given our man in the know a bit of screen time advertising as he seems to arrive here seconds after we have contacted him. He always goes above and beyond or should that be “below and round the bend!”

Elsewhere, chaos across the Atlantic seems to be on its way with the presidential inauguration. I can’t begin to imagine what is going to happen in the next 24 hrs but it doesn’t bode well.

We ended a busy day with a productive virtual catch up with Class Reps this afternoon. There was overwhelming support for the quality of live lessons and queries about how to get more sport into the home school program. The subject of fee remission was also understandably raised. I explained that in the summer term of 2020 we had a clear understanding of the savings we would make through furloughing but that the landscape is very different this time round and that we would not know the savings until the end of this term. Our Finance and Business governors will also have a very proactive part to play in the decision.