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Today, I have really enjoyed looking at two photos of Sunninghill from the 1960’s and wanted to share them with you, along with a little of their history.

Mr Philip Mackie, a former pupil kindly got in touch with us to share these photos taken in 1968 and 1969.

The whole school photo was taken in 1968, and Mr Mackie is second from left in the group wearing blazers (which were red, as they are today). The lady in front of him is called Mrs Clarke and she was the school cook which is arguably the most important job in any school! Dr Purgavie was the Headmaster at the time. He was also a psychiatrist and ex Royal Navy. Some of those in blazers were about to leave school, and the others, such as Mr Mackie, were about to sit the 11+ exam or Common Entrance the following school year.

Staff from L to R: Mrs Clark, Miss Impstone, Mrs Mary Hewitson, Sam Westlake (Deputy Head), Dr Purgavie (Head and owner), ?, Mrs Nunn, Mrs Bobier [sp?]

The second school photo was taken in 1969 and Miss Jean Norton was the new head and owner. Mr Mackie’s mother was instrumental in the plan to keep the school going after Dr Purgavie died in 1968. It so nearly closed and the parents saved it by creating a share scheme to fund the school until a new owner could be found. This was Miss Jean Norton and Miss Mary Murray.

I am going to get these photos framed and back into their rightful place, at Sunninghill. Thank-you for sending them to us.

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